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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Morning From The Wife!

I just want to say thanks to "Sarge" for fixing my boo boo on posting the link to the BE website! I can't spell worth a hoot.

I just wanted to say that this past weekend we had an absolute blast for "Sarges" Birthday. I made him some great recipes. I made him Cheeseburger Pie, Just like stuffed baked potatoes and for dessert I made him a sugar free Ice cream cake.. He just loved it. He is already asking when am I going to make this again!!!! Now he loves to cook and me well not so much but this was fun to make and eat and on top of that it was also good for us too! As soon as I get the ok I will post the recipes. Still waiting on that. The awesome lady I have to get the ok from is out of town right now!!

Well On Sat 6/20 me, Sarge, Kelley and little Zane went to Ghost Town in Maggie Valley NC. We had a blast there were gun fights, wolf shows, real Indian dancers, bluegrass bands, awesome mountain views after all it is 4600 feet above sea level. We had a blast. I even look skinny in a few of the pics, thanks to my Lap RNY! We stayed all day and Zane was such a good baby never fussed once. Well ok just a little when he got hungry. Speaking of Zane he had all the girls after him cause hes just so darned cute. He even hung out with the Can Can dancers! Check it out. He also rode on the Mary Go round for the 1st time with the help of his Grand pappy Sarge!

Here are some shots of all of us on the Mountain what a view! Now there is one thing that we did not get to do while we were there and that was to ride the roller coaster called The Cliffhanger it was not open yet so we bought season passes to go back when it opens! It is a roller coaster that is on the side of the mountain! I so want to ride it and I will once its open. No this time last year there would have been no way I could have rode it due to my weight but now!! Watch out Cliffhanger here I come! Check out the cliff hanger and Ghost Town in the Sky at:

Well that's a for now! I will see you all really soon! Have a great day!

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