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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Christ and Moses

As I began to read in Exodus Chapter 2 verses 1-10, I see the birth of a man child. As seen in verse 10 his name was called Moses. I looked at my Scofield Reference KJV Bible notes and it explains in a outline form of this man child called Moses. He is the type of CHRIST the Deliverer, a divinely chosen deliverer, Rejected by Israel he turns to the Gentiles. During his rejection he gains a Gentile bride. Afterward he again appears as Israel's deliverer and is accepted. Officially Moses typifies CHRIST as Prophet, Advocate, Intercessor and Leader or King, while in relation to the house of GOD, he is in contrast with CHRIST. Moses was faithful as a servant over anothers house; CHRIST as a SON over HIS OWN House. You can find the scripture references in Isa. 61:1, Lk 4:18, 2Cor 1:10, 1Thes 1:10, Ex 3:7-10, Acts 7:25, John 3:16, Ex 2: 11-15, Acts 7:25, 18:5-6, 28:17-28, Ex 2:16-21, Mt 12:14-21, 2Cor 11:2, Eph 5:30-32, Ex 4:29-31, Rom 11:24-26, Acts 15:14-17, Acts 3:22-23, Ex 32:31-35, 1John 2:1-2, Ex 17:1-6, Heb 7:25, Duet 33:4-5, Isa 55:4, Heb 3:5-6. I find these notes and scriptures necessary as I continue reading in Exodus as I follow the life of Moses through the scriptures. I plan on taking Exodus Ch.2 verses 11-25 as my part 2 to this devotion for tomorrow. Chapter 2 is full and I just want to gleen a bit at a time and pray that GOD will truly speak through HIS Perfect Word of GOD!

Until next time...Sarge

Monday, March 22, 2010


My study continues in Exodus Chapter 1. I want to bring your attention to the first part of verse 5 " And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls:" The word souls was used twice. As we study the scriptures when a word is used twice, then we recognize that we must listen up and really take heed. We must understand that we are talking about the HOLY WORD of GOD! ALL TRUTH! EVERY WORD! We have studied that what profit a man to gain to whole world and loose his own soul. I believe that for souls to be used twice in this scripture, means more than just 70 bodies, family's, brother, sister, mother, father....It referred to seventy souls. Already understand that the soul of man never dies and will live somewhere forever. Oh if we could look at the need we have here in America and when we go out to proclaim the Gospel message to other, I believe we should look at them as souls, and they are gonna live somewhere forever either in a Devils Hell or in Eternal Paradise with GOD forever. We have sick Christians, diseased lost souls and the only way to get them better to become involved in a relationship with GOD. I pray we look past the outer frame of folks and look straight to the soul and I will promise that it will allow GOD to use us as Christians more effectively to share the true Gospel with others, because without JESUS there is no hope for lost souls. Lets all get in line and in tune with GOD so we can present JESUS wherever we go, regardless of circumstances..We just go and proclaim HIS Words and give them truth, for we are talking to the Souls. Stand Firmly, Speak Softly and present JESUS as the only way out of the old world alive. GOd Bless you all!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Egyptian Bondage

I am getting ready to step into the book of Exodus (Going Out). This great book (Like All of GOD'S Word) records the redemption out of Egyptian bondage of the descendants of Abraham and sets forth in type, all redemption. But as all redemption is unto a relationship with GOD of which worship, fellowship and service are expressions, so Exodus, in the giving of the law and the provisions of sacrifice and priesthood, becomes not only the book of redemption but also in type of the conditions upon which all relationships with GOD exist. Exodus falls into 3 chief divisions: 1. Israel in Egypt (Chapters 1-15) 2. From the Red Sea to Sinai (16-18) 3. Israel at Sinai (19-40). The events recorded here in Exodus cover a period of 216 years. I read this that Dr. Scofield had outlined and I thought it would be a help to understand that we are seeing GOD, time and time again,forever doing just exactly what HE said HE would do. I want to also put down that in the Commandments GOD taught Israel HIS just demands. Experience under the Commandments convicted Israel of sin; and the provision of priesthood and sacrifice (filled with Precious types of CHRIST) gave a guilty people a way of forgiveness, cleansing, restoration to fellowship and worship. Lets us also understand that the book of Exodus broadly teaches that redemption is essential to any relationship with a HOLY GOD; and that even a redeemed people cannot have fellowship with HIM unless constantly cleansed from defilement.(KJV 1611, Scofield Study Bible notes). I Thank GOD for the Old Testament and the way GOD shows that from the very beginning, GOD was, is and forever will be GOD, GOD is the GOD of the Old Testament, GOD is GOD of the New Testament. GOD Always will be GOD, and One Day Every Knee Shall Bow and Every Tongue Confess this Truth (Philippians Chapter 2 verses 10-11 and Romans Chapter 14 verse 11)..I am so glad HE Came to Me!!!!!! Praise HIS HOLY Name!!

Until next time..Sarge

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tough day

Today has been one of those days that maybe you should try to forget. This day was a grievous day for me and my flesh. Praise GOD my destiny is sealed and I am a Child of the KING, but, today I sure didn't feel as a Royal Heir of the Most HIGH KING! But as I finished up Genesis Chapter 41 and the middle of verse 16 says "It is not in me." As this verse continues "GOD shall give." Joseph was fresh out of the dungeons of prison, called for by the most high power in the land (Pharaoh), and was being told to interpret the dream that Pharaoh had dreamt as the Pharaoh had heard from his servants, that Joseph (Young Hebrew Man) had interpreted them their dreams. But Joseph stood boldly and gave GOD the glory and told Pharaoh it was of GOD and GOD shall give you the dreams interpretation. What a life Joseph led. He had every right, as I think, to curse GOD and through up his hands and quit. He was rejected by his own brethren but was richly blessed by GOD. As you continue to read through Genesis through Chapter 50, in summary, finishes Joseph's life journey in a gracious manner, Chapter 50:21 note the last few words, ("And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them.")In Chapter 49 summarizes Jacob's life journey and spiritual progress in 6 phases. 1. the first exercise of faith, the selling of his birthright Genesis 25:28-34, 27:10-22. 2. the vision of Bethel, Genesis 28:10-19 3. walking in flesh, Genesis 29:1-31,55 4. the transforming experience, Genesis 32:24-31 5. the return to Bethel, idols put away, Genesis 35:1-7 6. the walk of faith Genesis 37:1 and 49:33. Folks, We serve this same GOD! Amen and Praise HIS HOLY Name! HE is Worthy and I am a product of GRACE..Just like Jacob and Joseph here in the Old Testament.

Until Next Time..Sarge

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Big is Your GOD??

Dear friends it is good to know I serve a Risen SAVIOR! A GOD that is everlasting to everlasting! (Psalm 90:2). But have ya been discouraged? I think my middle name is discourage! Do you just want to throw up your hands and quit? I grew up a quitter. I quit everything I started for a good number of years in my life. I want so bad to have a pity party everyday of my life. Poor Poor Me! A number of years has past in my life and I started out on a course to satisfy Me! To do things My way! To live when I wanted to for GOD. To put GOD away and take HIM down and acknowledge HIM on a really rainy day. But GOD, never gave up on me once HE saved me. As I said earlier this week, even though I lived like Hell! I often think that getting saved by HIS marvelous GRACE was the easy part for me. Accepting and Believing on the Finished Work of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and HIS shed blood on the Cross, Amen, was easy for me! But, I had a very hard time getting started for the Cause of CHRIST! I had a hard time living for and worshipping a Risen SAVIOR! I had a hard time my friend caring about anything or anybody except ME (Self)! The Almighty Me, I, Myself ruled my life and not a HOLY GOD! As I read in Genesis Chapter 36 you start seeing the generations of Esau, the land of Edom also called Seir (This place together with Moab is the scene of the final destruction of Gentile world-power in the day of the LORD,Revelation 16:14, 19:21, Luke 21:24) reference given from Scofield Study Bible. Lets look at Genesis 36:31, kings that reigned in the land of Edom, Man's Best will always Fail, GOD'S Spiritual things will Prevail and Succeed. Keep reading through the end of Chapter 36. Death prevailed on Man's Best! Now Chapter 37 speaks of the generations of Jacob and gives us the life of Joseph and what a spiritual life it was! Keep reading, GOD is ALL and no matter what went on in Joseph's life, GOD was ALWAYS There! Take a look at Genesis Chapter 41 verses 51,52 "For GOD said he, hath made me forget all my toil and all my father's house." For GOD hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction." Amen and Amen. My GOD is BIG!!!!

Until Next Time,,,Sarge

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Beginnings with GOD

I would just like to again say that the Grace of a HOLY GOD is at work in my life and I pray GOD will use somthing I say today to be a help and encouragement to someone, somewhere to bring Honor to The Most High KING in JESUS CHRIST the Only SON of GOD! I am continuing my Genesis devotion as I want to take the scriptures through the Old Testament into the New Testament and see what GOD may have for me and you in the days ahead. I had set out several times to read the Bible from cover to cover, trying to just mouth words and see how many chapters I could read before I fell asleep, so I could tell somebody,Look at Me,I read the Bible cover to cover. GOD was not within 1 million miles of that, because, I just wanted to show off Self. I love good gospel music (Southern Gospel). I used to make myself hoarse trying to sing bass with Mike Holcomb with the Inspirations and Ray Dean Reese of the Kingsman. I would love to be bragged on and hear folks tell me how they like how I sang. Honestly folks I do believe they loved me but I know being mostly family and folks of the church they were mostly deaf because I know I couldn't have sounded good, but I stuck out my pigeon chest and gloated,It felt good to Self. Again GOD was not within 1 million miles of that. You say, you were reading the word of GOD and you were singing HIS praises. I will tell you that Yes I was indeed, but, my heart was far from GOD! I have stumbled around as a Christian living like Hell and doing anything and everything I could do for Self but GOD'S GRACE came to me like a tidal wave a few weeks ago and I seen GOD like I have never seen HIM before. HE changed my heart and gave me a desire to give others testimony that you cannot be happy in the Selfish desires of this world. I tried and failed and it cost me and is still costing me but I pray and thank GOD that HIS GRACE is sufficient. I will never turn back with the help of my ALMIGHTY GOD. I led my daily life in unconfessed sin. I didn't read my bible, I didn't attend church, I didn't fellowship with believers. You say well that's typical for a lost person! I will tell you that I was Saved by GOD'S GRACE and under the authority of HIS HOLY Word of GOD that whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD, shall be saved (Romans Chapter 10 verse 13)(Romans Road to Salvation Romans 3:23, 6:23 also see Revelation 20:11-15 on the second death, 10:9-13) Take a look my friend, I was Saved. Take a look also what The Apostle Paul says about the carnal and spiritual life, the strife of 2 natures that live within us (Romans 7:14-25). Here in Romans folks he is talking to the Christians! He is talking about himself! I just wanted to encourage myself and anyone who may read this that GOD'S GRACE Will Prevail. Look back to Genesis Chapter 35 verse 1 and really grasp what GOD told Jacob after these many years he wandered along, out of where GOD wanted him to be." And GOD said unto Jacob, Arise, go up to Bethel, and dwell there: and make there an altar unto GOD, that appeared unto thee when thou fleddest from the face of Esau thy brother." Its time dear friend for us as Christians to return to Bethel!Don't live one more second for Self and the things of this world. Let's get On-Fire for a HOLY GOD and take the Truth to Saints and Sinners alike and Love on them and encourage them GOD Loves Us All and wants us all to experience HIS GRACE and Blessings but, GOD is too HOLY a GOD to make us do somthing that we do not want to do! Pray for GOD'S GRACE..I Love HIM SO!!

Until next time..Sarge

Monday, March 15, 2010

Christians..Out Numbered?? Me and GOD equals the Majority

Genesis Chapter 34 verse 30. Speaks of Jacob's fear of all the appearance of evil that was surrounding him as he journeyed house, out of GOD'S Will for his life and like many of us get consumed with all manner of evil that is happening all around us on every corner. Death and destruction seemingly prevails. It doesn't take very long to see that fact coming alive on TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers, etc. Jacob stated in verse 30 toward the latter part of the verse "I being few in number, they shall gather themselves together against me, and slay me;and I shall be destroyed, I and my house." Don't we feel the same exact way from time to time along our journeys. We get caught up in the things of this world and we come to our on feeble senses and become afraid once the storm clouds get dark. As we go into Genesis Chapter 35 GOD again spoke to Jacob and told him to arise and go up to Bethel, make an altar unto GOD. Jacob did as GOD had instructed him to do. Jacob told his houshold and all that was with him, he told them to put away your strange gods, be clean and change your garments. Verse 5 shows GOD'S Power, it speaks of as they journeyed to where GOD had them to go and it says that the terror of GOD was upon the cities that were round about them and they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob. Its really a blessing how GOD turns our circumstances completely around for HIS Glory and what was frightful as we stumble around trying to make it on our own,,But GOD seeks us out and has given the child of GOD a Promise..I will be with you always..Just stay close to ME (HOLY GOD), don't look around at the devils follies, just stay busy proclaiming GOD'S goodness. Finally we see in verses 9-15 of Genesis Chapter 35, we see GOD speaking to Jacob again and reminding him of all the blessing that would happen, of how fruitful his seed will be, having nations and company of nations shall be with thee and kings come out of his loins. Jacob built stone pillars unto GOD and it says he poured a drink offering there on the pillar and also poured oil there on. I study to believe that the pouring out is typical of the type of CHRIST that was to be poured out for our sins. I beleive Jacob poured himself out so he can be used of GOD. If we will pour ourself (self) out before a HOLY GOD, and let HIM fill us from the wells that never run dry, then we can be used by HIM...No CHristian we are not outnumbered..When GOD is with you...You (Me)we are the majority!!! Praise GOD, HE will see us safely through the evil storms of this life..Trust HIM today..Look to HIM...HE promises that HE will keep us safe until the storm passes by!! By the way folks GOD is still in control!!!!

Until Next time...Sarge