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Monday, March 22, 2010


My study continues in Exodus Chapter 1. I want to bring your attention to the first part of verse 5 " And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls:" The word souls was used twice. As we study the scriptures when a word is used twice, then we recognize that we must listen up and really take heed. We must understand that we are talking about the HOLY WORD of GOD! ALL TRUTH! EVERY WORD! We have studied that what profit a man to gain to whole world and loose his own soul. I believe that for souls to be used twice in this scripture, means more than just 70 bodies, family's, brother, sister, mother, father....It referred to seventy souls. Already understand that the soul of man never dies and will live somewhere forever. Oh if we could look at the need we have here in America and when we go out to proclaim the Gospel message to other, I believe we should look at them as souls, and they are gonna live somewhere forever either in a Devils Hell or in Eternal Paradise with GOD forever. We have sick Christians, diseased lost souls and the only way to get them better to become involved in a relationship with GOD. I pray we look past the outer frame of folks and look straight to the soul and I will promise that it will allow GOD to use us as Christians more effectively to share the true Gospel with others, because without JESUS there is no hope for lost souls. Lets all get in line and in tune with GOD so we can present JESUS wherever we go, regardless of circumstances..We just go and proclaim HIS Words and give them truth, for we are talking to the Souls. Stand Firmly, Speak Softly and present JESUS as the only way out of the old world alive. GOd Bless you all!

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