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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tough day

Today has been one of those days that maybe you should try to forget. This day was a grievous day for me and my flesh. Praise GOD my destiny is sealed and I am a Child of the KING, but, today I sure didn't feel as a Royal Heir of the Most HIGH KING! But as I finished up Genesis Chapter 41 and the middle of verse 16 says "It is not in me." As this verse continues "GOD shall give." Joseph was fresh out of the dungeons of prison, called for by the most high power in the land (Pharaoh), and was being told to interpret the dream that Pharaoh had dreamt as the Pharaoh had heard from his servants, that Joseph (Young Hebrew Man) had interpreted them their dreams. But Joseph stood boldly and gave GOD the glory and told Pharaoh it was of GOD and GOD shall give you the dreams interpretation. What a life Joseph led. He had every right, as I think, to curse GOD and through up his hands and quit. He was rejected by his own brethren but was richly blessed by GOD. As you continue to read through Genesis through Chapter 50, in summary, finishes Joseph's life journey in a gracious manner, Chapter 50:21 note the last few words, ("And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them.")In Chapter 49 summarizes Jacob's life journey and spiritual progress in 6 phases. 1. the first exercise of faith, the selling of his birthright Genesis 25:28-34, 27:10-22. 2. the vision of Bethel, Genesis 28:10-19 3. walking in flesh, Genesis 29:1-31,55 4. the transforming experience, Genesis 32:24-31 5. the return to Bethel, idols put away, Genesis 35:1-7 6. the walk of faith Genesis 37:1 and 49:33. Folks, We serve this same GOD! Amen and Praise HIS HOLY Name! HE is Worthy and I am a product of GRACE..Just like Jacob and Joseph here in the Old Testament.

Until Next Time..Sarge

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