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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Big is Your GOD??

Dear friends it is good to know I serve a Risen SAVIOR! A GOD that is everlasting to everlasting! (Psalm 90:2). But have ya been discouraged? I think my middle name is discourage! Do you just want to throw up your hands and quit? I grew up a quitter. I quit everything I started for a good number of years in my life. I want so bad to have a pity party everyday of my life. Poor Poor Me! A number of years has past in my life and I started out on a course to satisfy Me! To do things My way! To live when I wanted to for GOD. To put GOD away and take HIM down and acknowledge HIM on a really rainy day. But GOD, never gave up on me once HE saved me. As I said earlier this week, even though I lived like Hell! I often think that getting saved by HIS marvelous GRACE was the easy part for me. Accepting and Believing on the Finished Work of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and HIS shed blood on the Cross, Amen, was easy for me! But, I had a very hard time getting started for the Cause of CHRIST! I had a hard time living for and worshipping a Risen SAVIOR! I had a hard time my friend caring about anything or anybody except ME (Self)! The Almighty Me, I, Myself ruled my life and not a HOLY GOD! As I read in Genesis Chapter 36 you start seeing the generations of Esau, the land of Edom also called Seir (This place together with Moab is the scene of the final destruction of Gentile world-power in the day of the LORD,Revelation 16:14, 19:21, Luke 21:24) reference given from Scofield Study Bible. Lets look at Genesis 36:31, kings that reigned in the land of Edom, Man's Best will always Fail, GOD'S Spiritual things will Prevail and Succeed. Keep reading through the end of Chapter 36. Death prevailed on Man's Best! Now Chapter 37 speaks of the generations of Jacob and gives us the life of Joseph and what a spiritual life it was! Keep reading, GOD is ALL and no matter what went on in Joseph's life, GOD was ALWAYS There! Take a look at Genesis Chapter 41 verses 51,52 "For GOD said he, hath made me forget all my toil and all my father's house." For GOD hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction." Amen and Amen. My GOD is BIG!!!!

Until Next Time,,,Sarge

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