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Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogging about Virus FREE

Well $300 later and my Puter is feeling Great. A shout out to Sassy's Computers for the same day service and being such great people to deal with. The $300 covered the work, all back ups, reloading all my software, 2 each 4GB memory sticks, a anti-virus program and again should I say, same day service. Go and check them out at
1427 Merrimon Ave, Ste. 100, Asheville, NC 828-253-0853. You will be glad you chose these fine folks.
Remember folks, check out the legitimacy of all transactions you come across on the web. I know this myself but this virus was slick and caught us all off guard. It is called XP Deluxe Protector. It has the semblance of the Microsoft Shield and uses pop ups to get your attention saying someone is trying to hack into your system and gaining personal information. It seems to work once you purchase the protection for about 24 hours then it kicks in and keeps restarting your computer. Thanks goodness that all that was corrupted beyond repair was a couple pictures. I guess we came out OK.
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