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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogging about the weekend

Howdy Y'all. Just thought I'd better get to blogging. I worked til 9pm Friday night and my Dear Wife and I went down to Cherokee, NC to the Festival of Native Peoples. It was a great show of the Inca's, Hawaiians, Cherokee's, Alaskan Natives, Mexico Natives (Pole Flyer's) etc. There was a great show of Native Art and the talent of these peoples was truly gorgeous and expressed true talent. If I had to rate true musical talent I would have to give the best of the show to the Inca Sons from the Andes Mountains. They played the guitar, native drum, various flute type instruments and had a great dance troop. The ceremonial dancing has to go to the Alaskan Natives. There were story telling dancing and chants with various native masks that were true art in themselves. The most scary and dangerous by far were the Pole Flyer's from Mexico. 5 young men climbed an 80 foot pole using only ropes and of course true strength to ascend to the top. They were not tied to the pole by any safety harness nor were there a safety net or pads. The 5Th young man was the flute player and he stood atop this pole and played his flute to the four corners of the earth. The 4 men simultaneously tied a rope to there feet and jumped off the pole and swinging in a circular motion toward the ground, upside down. Some switching the body positon to the waist and the back to their feet. Once the 4 men was at the bottom the flute player slid down the rope and about quarter of the way down, stopped himself, and released his hold with his hands and leaned out then came the rest of the way to the ground. WOW!!!!! I am so looking forward to the Pow Wow that will take place in mid October. The Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band, really knows how to throw a shindig. We ate about 100 pounds of fry bread, with lots of beans. It was a smelly drive home no doubt. I will be posting some pictures of the event soon on my blog. My Dear Wife must do all the technical downloading from the camera to the puter first.

Well folks I am tired from all the weekends activity and may have to take a nap as it is nice and cool here and good napping weather.

Until Next Time,


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