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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July 2009..The Day in the Life of the BlogIdiot

Well Howdy Y'all. I am truly sorry for not posting in a couple days but I'm back. Sarge's family has some for real troubles and sadness over the past couple days. We had a long time Friend to pass away and well my son, The Villain will be taking a little more time off down in the eastern part of the state. All I care to say is that his good luck ran out yesterday. Hopefully he will get to post of his trip down east in about 12 months. So how do you like my picture of Dale Jr.? This was taken at the Coca-Cola 600 (Rain shortened and really wet). We had fun anyway, but was glad to return home into the dry.

I learned a lot over the past 2 days as I was awaiting my son's fate in the court room. This world and our fair state is really in serious trouble. As we sit around on a big comfortable cushion letting it deteriorate right in our own back yard. I was quite sad to see the different folks that were being tried for a wide variety crimes. Drug crimes as no boundaries. There were the middle aged couple that were being charged for drug trafficking. There were the young couple that looked like quiet Amish type folks that were being charged with drug manufacturing with the intent to sell and drug trafficking. There was a middle aged gentleman I was talking to that had used Morphine injections so much that his entire arm almost rotted off. The scars and skin graphs told the story. I also talked to a Probation Officer that made the comment that he hated his job. He thought that by taking that type work he would be able to help the afflicted. He stated there is hardly any help for the drug abusers and I concurred for the convicted felons of our area. My son made some bad choices resulting in his arrest and convictions. I have seen him struggle to find work and to equally struggle to have a place to stay. It really seems that once you have been committed to the SYSTEM....then you are in and out for the rest of your life. Especially in these difficult times of our economy, work is hard to find any way and for the Felon..I will say almost impossible is a fair statement. It would be nice to have a group of people willing to take a chance on these men and women and lend them a chance, not a hand out, but a chance. If I could gather some supporters, I would be willing to lend what I can to create a positive environment and these folks a chance, again I stress, NO HANDOUTS. A honest days work equals an honest days pay, live right and work hard. If we could form this type of alliance and local businesses would hire us to screen and transport these folks to and from work and they would know that they would have a worker that would give them an honest days work, they would be free to concentrate on growing there business and if ever a problem was to occur, we would only be a phone call away. I will call this campaign (as that's all it is right now), A Honest Days Work. If there are any folks interested as am I email me
I am very serious about starting this business to help those that other wise may continue to cost us as taxpayers approx $29K per year to house one felon in a medium security facility. I do believe that if our more prominent members of this community could help out in some way monetarily, I will personally meet with them to discuss my ideas. I again would appreciate serious responses to this subject that has struck a chord in the hearts of my family.

Well the BlogIdiot struck again. Another criminal act was committed by the use of Chester the Cheetah's product called Cheetos. The was an altercation which started verbally quickly turned violent when the victim was pelted by Cheetos as the attacker threw them aimlessly at the victim. Well folks all was not lost, the attacker was apprehended and charged with assault. Well I do hope that the attacker got there moneys worth and used the crunchy kind instead of the softer cheese puffs. That's TRUTH Y'all!!!!

Until Next Time,


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