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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red Neck Visitation Villian Style

Well Y'all. Today was our weekly visit with the Villain. He was in good spirits. That's always a plus to see him the way we all know and Love. You ask why write about this type stuff. It depicts the whole nature of my blog, Truth Telling. We read so much today of the gloomy side of life. It is time to make a little light shine through even in the darkest shadows. I live a pretty normal life. Wake up, eat, shower, poop, go to work, do the honey do list created by my Dear Wife, do chores around the home place, watch the gloomy news, eat, eat and did I say eat, take a dip or two of snuff, argue and get argued at, not really, but a little. Make myself write in my blog or as of late, copy a little stuff to save time and then watch more news an occasional movie or TV show, go to bed and do it all over again. I am truly thankful of my simple life, although I grumble and complain like most of us do, but am truly thankful. I often think I need more money to ease some of my struggles with self inflicted bill payments. I was once debt free in 1996, but that all blew up as I gloated how nice not owing people a thing. If this blog takes off then maybe one day I will be a success story. I write what I think with a little bit of censoring along the way. I have been divorced from public opinion from a pretty young age. I know how it is to be the not so popular person growing up. I know what it feels like to have only what I need and not what I want. Growing up in a home with only one parent and hey look I turned out OK. Well semi OK. Being a teen age parent. Going to school and knowing what it feels like to have what few people I thought were friends, look at me and distance them self from me as I had a communicable disease. I had the opportunity to attend my 20th year high school reunion, and to find out that I grew up to be just fine. As I pranced around in my US Army dress blues and answer the multitude of questions how it feels to be a soldier. Most of the people I attended and graduated HS with didn't leave the local area. I went in to the Army to provide a better life for my family, I fell in love with that lifestyle and as I reflect back on it, I am sure glad I spent over 20 years serving. I have several ideas of continuing my service to the folks that have made bad choices in life but are beat down by society and find them self in a spiral of crime landing them behind bars. I have learned a lot with the Villain being locked up. Seeing first hand how that society really don't understand, just how much of our tax paying money goes to keeping these people behind bars. About $28K per year per person to keep these people behind bars. I feel giving certain folks a fighting chance, would be better at them choosing a continued life of crime. I can remember with the Villain that when he got out of a local jail, all he got was a bus ticket with no place to live, no job to go to and once again another stint in jail. It is a shame that you have to go to the state penitentiary to be able to get any type counseling, training or any thing good in a bad situation. I am not saying that everyone that chooses a life of crime can be helped, but I am going to try, with some monetary help, to put something together to help. Just to get this project over the hump will be a true struggle. If anyone would be interested in helping or even have some good business advice feel free to email me at I will be glad to meet with intersted people and also lay out what my plans would be. There are quite a few temporary job placement agencies that put a lot of good people in work. I want to reach local businesses that would put their trust in my agency with no hassle of wondering if there employees would be there on time, sober, safety minded and goal oriented. I do believe with my strict US Army background that I could instill in these good people of business that a little caring and assistance, these folks which have made some bad choices and surrounded them self with the wrong crowd instead of a group of people who really care and be willing to take that initial step on turning the bad life into a meaningful life with benefits to the entire community.

Well folks its time to get some rest.

Until Next Time,


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