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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Wife "Susie" WLS journey

Hello all! This is "Susie" AKA: Dear Wife. To the left is a picture of me back in October of 2008, this is when I realized that I was over-weight and had to do something about it. It was then that I began to look into having weight loos surgery. I was looking into having the Lap Bad placed but with all of the maintenance issue I decided to look into the LAP RNY other wise known as the gastric bypass. I began my journey with my 1st doctors appointment on 10/22/2008 I remember that day like it was yesterday that was the 1st step for a better and healthier life. Also note how unhappy I looked at that time.

My dear husband Terry C. "Sarge" went with me to this appointment to show his support of me and what I wanted to do for myself. Well I seemed to meet all of the medical requirements. I weighed in at a very large 264 lbs. I was cleared to go onto the next step which was a lot of tests, such as a physic exam, chemical stress test, sleep study, nutrition classes and I had to lose 5% of my body weight on my own and tons and tons of blood work. All of these tests took about 6 months to complete even before I could file my insurance to see if my surgery would even be covered.

Well in the middle of Feb. It was oked to file for my insurance to see if it would be covered. About 2 weeks after my insurance was filed I go ta call stating that I needed two more tests which was an EGD and a upper GI test. So it took me a couple of weeks to get those done and then a couple weeks after that i got the call!!!! I was approved.. WOW!!! That's when it really hit me.. I was going to have this surgery and that's when I became just a bit nervous! I had not even been close to being nervous until I knew it was really going to happen!!! So the next step was to get a real date for the surgery, I was given that date of April 15th 2009!!! Yes that's right the dreaded tax day would now become my re-birthday, a day I would never forget. I was going to be the 1st surgery of the day at 8am so I had to be at the hospital at 6am. Well that is if I could make it through one last step. a 2 week liquid diet...YUMMMMY now that was fun. Well I did make it though the liquid diet, it was easier than i really thought it would be. On the day of surgery I weighed in at 243 I lost 21 lbs on my own, but I think I lost about half of that on that liquid diet alone!.

So on April 15th I got up and got ready for my big day. Also on this same day my grandson was born as well, he is such a cutie! His name is Zane!!!! Check out his picture at the top! Well now back to my surgery. It lasted about 2 hours and I was in my hospital room recovering with plenty of morphine at about 11:30 am. I think that 1st day out of surgery was the worst. I just wanted to be left alone yet at the same time given more morphine as well. As you can see I was happy if I had my morphine! I went into the hospital on a Wednesday and was on my way home on Friday! I felt so much better on Friday than I did on Wednesday! I was even up and walking on the 1st night but it was very slow going on that 1st walk. When Friday rolled around my walking had gotten much better I was far from a marathon , but I was faster than a turtle!

Now it has been almost 3 months since my surgery and I have lost 54lbs and 6 sizes I have went from a size 24 to a 18 and I think I am getting ready to drop another size because my 18's are getting very lose as well. I am now down to 210 lbs and I feel great. Now Sarge has a hard time keeping up with me and it used to be the other way around. I still have a long way to go. My goal is about 140 to 150 lbs so i still need to lose 60 or so pounds but I am well on my way with having lost 54 lbs so far. Check out my after picture as well.
I hope to post some of the awesome recipes that my dear husband has posted about soon. I just have to get the ok to post them here. But if you really want to check them out go to an look under the recipes! That website is just awesome! Until next time!

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