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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What the Blog Happened Today June 23, 2009

Howdy Ya'll. Sarge here. As I begin another of my daily blogs for all to enjoy. I must introduce another non-mentioned member of the C. family. IZZY (Isabelle), is our adopted dawg. She is a Terrier mix breed. We got her last year from the Asheville Animal Shelter. She came with a built in snoring device. Yupper thats right. When we went on our visits to the shelter, we took her out for a few walks and I thought she was growling at me. Turns out she snorts and have found out as of late that she snores. Too funny. She thinks she is part cat as she rest on top of the back of our couch. 48 pounds walking the tight rope around the pillow tops. Let me just tell ya'll how good my Dear Wifes cooking with the Bariatric Eating recipes. I placed just a few naught leftover of the Cauliflower (Faux) Mashed Potatoes and the Cheeseburger Pie with all that healthy, should have been veggie, but is way gooooooood, stuff in a small bowl and IZZY gobbled it up. Most dawgs will have nothing to do with veggies, but she plowed right through. I bet ya'll cant wait now until the Dear Wife posts links to that good cooking fixings.

Well as I was trippen along lifes pathway today, I had to take the annual tour of the Asheville VA Medical Center. I did just turn 44 on Sunday. Dr. Parham is one Great Doc. I haven't saw him since last year and he was thoughtful enough to ask about my ailing Father. So personable and very warm, well until those after 40 health exams. Well I was sitting next to a gentleman name Doug, I had time to visit because I was at the clinic by 7am as my appt was at 730am and I opened the place and got called back around 8am. Must be the hurry up and wait. Well Doug was reading a book written by Glen Beck entitled, Common Sense. Well I further found out that this book is a must read for under 10 bucks and tells us what we all should have realized by now that if the government and politians contiune in the same pattern we have been going in for several years we are going to loose America. Doug also has attended the Tea Party held here in Asheville and invited me to go this coming 4th of July. We I did get a good bill of health so now I am scared to death. My Dear Wife will find out and I still have to do those manly chores and hers as well. For a healthcare facility this VA in Asheville is a gorgeous site, well at least on the basement level. The waiting area is adorned with trees, park type atmospher with a vaulted (really high) ceiling of glass letting the day light and the no so often seen sunshine, at least so far this year, in. Now is that don't make giving blood and taking medicine fun, nothing will.

Well the daily blog ending wouldn't be complete with out a small Blog Sighting. Around 10-1030am on College Street in Asheville, NC there was a Bearded Nun Sighting. No really, I had to look twice. It's all bout the TRUTH Ya'LL.....Until next time....Sarge

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