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Monday, June 22, 2009

Blogging Around June 22, 2009

Howdy Ya'll,

Just thought I would check in and close this yet another chapter in the day in the life of the C. Family. Today here in the Asheville area proved to be blessed with scattered wetness. I was in Brevard, Arden, Asheville, Candler and Weaverville today and found the commute mixed with sun, clouds and rain. I explored the new Wal-Mart in Weaverville today. You might consider using the side entrance/exit off Montocello Road. It appears that will be the road less traveled. The parking lot was quite full. Well I guess what Wal-Mart parking lot isn't. There was the fresh new store smell. I took a quick round and a look see of the store and spent a few more minutes in the Sporting Goods and Outdoor Living Department. The service area in the Sporting Goods area is a work in progress. The is a round desk area assemblied but no employees there as of yet. All around the store there were employees working at empting boxes of merchandise. The was an employee that was manning the Paint Department standing and talking to a young girl the entire time I was touring the store. I lapped him several times and saw it to be so those times. Good Job Paint Guy! He must have been Union. Well I wanted to buy my fishing license so Dad and I could wet a hook pretty soon. I know I am behind the times. Better late than never, I reckon.

As a part of my Affiliate Marketing push WNC Style. I am going to list a few links to websites that have become useful tools in the C. Family. These links will give ya'll something constructive to do while I figure out what I am going to write about tommorrow and the next day and next day and well..OK OK stop already. I get a little carried away, just ask my Dear Wife.

Have you all ever tried of thinking what you are going to become when you grow up? Well as I was away in the ARMY ( 1983-2008 ), my life as I knew it, was about to go Civilian. As they say in the texting realm ( OMG ). I was and still am having some what of a hard time adjusting. I was in the Ordnance Corp which equates to Automotive Maintenance as a civilian. I thought i wanted to be the boss for my first civilian job. I like to tell others what to do and not work much. Well my wish came true. I was the proud boss of a crew of mechanics on the Grave Yard Shift ( 3rd ). Wasn't I something! These fellas sure were nice. Well that all changed after my 1st day. They were ok people but they were union workers. Well I thought that would be great as my Dad was a union man for over 25 years. Times have sure changed. Now they are protected in order to do less work than humanly possible in 8 hours. If you get really lucky, I will have to call overtime and see them again for another few hours. Lucky me. I was also amazed at the lack of blame these guys owned up to. When there was an issue, I was given the 3rd degree by my boss and always turned the story around to appear that I was truly inadequate. Well I tolerated this treatment for almost 2 years. It was solely for the money and as I built up sick time and vacation time, I used it up fast. I drempt up ways I could get sick as to not have to go to that place. It was an easy enough job but wow the lack of discipline and the onset of pure caos. Well finally I went to a NASCAR race and called in sick and got fired 2 weeks later. I then dabbled in Security, Resturant/Food Service, Paint Sales and Diesel Maintenance. Now I work in the Food Service Santitation field. I will tell you that working in a resturant as a server was the hardest by far. I worked long hours and dealt with ungracious people as you always remember these folks. I again was amazed at the people working there simply just to survive in the game of LIFE. I have also been amazed at the people working just for health insurance. Pay is so inadequate in most areas of this country. There was a lady working in the Department of Social Services asked the Teacher, as she looked at her pay stubs, and said, Is this all you make as a third grade teacher? Please don't get me started about Buncombe County laying off about 100 teachers and gobbled up my daughters job, as she just had a baby boy ( Zane ). I saw a billboard at a business in Mills River that said, Teacher Layoffs equal Stupid Kids. Heck, they should start doing distance learning classes and have 100 students per 1 teacher and let the little germies stay home!
We should all wake up and understand that when the early childhood education system takes a crucial blow, we are in for a long winter. When politictions raise millions of dollars to compete for office, and most are millionaires anyway, we should know we are in trouble. I heard Bill Clinton tell a group of Democrats in Louisville, KY that before he was the President, he didn't have 2 nickles to rub together. How many of you believe that? Well as I have promised, I am going to post these few links for you to enjoy and find useful as the C. Family has.

Until next Time,


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