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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogging on the Weekend

Howdy Y'all. Well we are into another much needed weekend. Look on the bright side. Monday is closer now than it was when we clocked out Friday. Just call the a ray of hope in the darkness. I started out with doing a small project of cutting some weeds in my pasture. About 4 hours later and grass and weed juice everywhere and covered with sweat I got done. Seesh, we have these polk plants, and I don't know the true scientific word for these things but they yield those pesky berries that spreads purple juice that stains every thing if it comes in contact. Some of these things were over head high, 6 ft tall and about the size of a small tree. They were a pain but I whacked them down. It seems like I can never get totally finished with all the chores around here.

I had to go to Charlotte yesterday for a meeting for work. You can sure tell when you get close to this big city. It seems like attitudes change as well as the speed of the traffic. Every one is in a hurry and trying to get to the same place at warp speed. What a different form of life than the slower pace of my smaller hometown. Although it does seem even my smaller city is getting in the same hurry as the bigger cities. What ever happened to taking time to smell the flowers along the way. Oh yeah, they are paving over the flowers and the smell of asphalt is in the air.

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