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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Blogging Truth

Howdy Y'all. Not to awful much to blog about in my simple life today. Just happy to have woke up on the top side of the dirt. Speaking of which. My Dear Wife and I are truly anticipating a much needed, for real vacation in December of this year. We have put our nickles in the piggy bank and are going to cruise to Jamacia. Is that south of Florida? Any way, my Dear Wife has subscribed to a cruise magazine for some time and low and behold she got another issue today. I was over on the coach chilling as that is what us fat redneck hillbillys do. She said there was a story about folks that die on cruises! Well I got up from the couch and made sure I cancelled my life insurance policy. No ideas honey! She also said that on world crusies about 4-5 people die. She made me feel better when she said not to worry dear, those are old people. I hurried even faster cancelling my insurance policy and I hollared..I'm OLD!!!! She ended the conversation by saying, the cruise ships have their own mourge. I hollared again as I hit the submit cancelation insurance button, Thats not a mourge, its the food cooler. Sheese if the natives don't get me my Dear Wife might. Watch your back...LOL

Until Next Time...I HOPE!!!


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