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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Folks I am here to proclaim CHRIST as my personal LORD and SAVIOUR and through HIM and HIS Grace..therefore I am. To GOD be the Glory in my life always. Prasie GOD in All things for without HIM I would be headed to a firey Hell that is real but through his Grace HE stayed after me and has showed me that HE is a Living GOD. There is peace and joy in serving Christ and by Faith in the LORD JESUS, knowing and confessing I am just a vile sinner at best, but,,,trusting the Pure Blood of Christ..I am a new man..Forsaking this world and the sin here in our days. Only the Hope of the Lord Jesus and the second coming of Christ, knowing I only have power over sin through the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST on Cavalry..I am seen through HIS blood which covers my sin past and present. To study the word of GOD to show myself approved unto GOD..And to Praise and Honor GOD with all my being that my light will shine down to the darkest places that others will see a difference in my life as a child of the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS! Who is seated at the right hand of GOD the FATHER in HEAVEN and one day, I will see Jesus. I will give an account of my life as to what I have done with GOD in my life here on earth.Halleluieh my sin debt is Paid in Full by the blood of JESUS..There is work to be done and I have wasted many years..But, all I want and need and I pray he will find favor as I praise HIM in every aspect of my life. Praise and Honor to GOD..HE is worthy and Praise HIS Holy Name..Amen!!

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