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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dr. Bill Day preached our Wed evening service tonight at Trinity Baptist Church, Asheville, NC. What a blessing and a challenge to our Christian walk through this world that is surrounded by sin and evil. He referenced II Corinthians Ch5 vs10 (King James Version Bible Authorized Version 1611). We as Christians have an appointment with our Almighty GOD. Let me stall here and say I refer to Christians as ones that have accepted my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST as personal SAVIOUR. Accepting HIS Blood as the only payment for our sins, both, past,future and present, only by HIS GRACE are we Saved, not of works or anything we do or don't do. Accept and acknowledge that CHRIST is the only way to Heaven, that we are sinners and are unworthy, helpless and on our way to a real hot hell, turn from our sins and follow CHRIST by Faith and nothing more or nothing less (Romans Ch3 vs23, Ch6 vs23, Ch10 vs9-13 and Revelation Ch20 vs11-15). Dr. Day made a profound statement I would like to share with you all in closing, and talking to the Christians he said, " We are free to choose our actions, but, we are not free to choose the consiquenses of those actions". What a Great GOD we serve!!! Until next time...Sarge!!

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