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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Christian Challenge

As I ponder/examine my own shelfish life, I am reminded that if one seeks worldly pleasures (You determine your own definitions of worldly pleasures in your life) and the material things of this will receive just that. My GOD is GOD and for that very reason, GOD will not make you do or don't do anything.We choose our own decisions but we cannot escape the results and consiquences dealt with by My Almighty GOD! I want to Praise GOD! He kept after me until I realized the life I was living was not pleasing to HIM and My life should be lived to Praise GOD and Glorify HIS Holy Name..What a difference!! Oh by the way..Chrisitians are not exempt! Let's Seek HIS Face..Amen!!
Until next time..Sarge.

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