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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please don't pitch your tent toward Sodom, Genesis Ch 13 vs 12

As I have been reading my KJV AV1611 Bible, I have made my mind up, after many years of wanting to read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation as a mere thing to do and not with a Heart for GOD. I started my journey with a Heart for GOD almost 1 month ago and Praise GOD he has spoke to me and just opened up understanding as I began in Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1. Today my devotion came out of Genesis Chapter 15 through Chapter 19. In these chapters we find Abram, Sari, Hagar and the birth of Ishmael (Chapters 15-16)In chapter 17 GOD revealed HIMSELF to Abram for who HE is and forever will be (vs1,2). Praise GOD, Abram accepted the truth (vs3,4) and now we find a new beginning starting in verse 4, he got a new name (Abraham, ch 17 vs5) and his wife got a new name (Sarah,ch 17 vs15). The Covenant between GOD and Abraham was plainly put out from GOD to Abraham (ch 17 vs 5-14) and also the great promise of Issac to Abraham and Sarah (vs15-19). Even after Abram took Hagar to bare him a child (Ishmael, Wild Man ch 16 vs12), I believe to be a picture that Abram and Sarai was taking there lives into their own hands and not trusting GOD, even in the OT, before the Perfect Sacrifice of the LORD JESUS was ever given. Again after Abram accepeted the Covenant of GOD and was found faithful in doing what GOD said do (ch 17 vs 1-27), GOD Blessed Ishmael (ch 17 vs20), it came as Abraham did just exactly what GOD had said(ch17 vs22-27).

I am so glad GOD made HIMself so real to me and after many years of living in a sinful,I-centered worldy state..GOD made HIMself Real to me and I accepted HIM at HIS word and what a change GOD is making and has made in my life, my heart, my thinking and My All!!!! Praise GOD..He is an Awesome GOD...I come up short but..through the Blood that was shed by my LORD JESUS on Cavalry, through the death, burial and resurrection of my LORD JESUS..I am Perfect when GOD looks at me..He doesn't see me or my sins..Praise GOD..He sees HIS SON JESUS CHRIST who as I accepted HIM and HIS words by FAITH..the GRACE of GOD is found faithful in my heart and life today..I'm glad to be counted in HIS Fold..Praise HIM..It's All About GOD!! Amen...Until Next Time..sarge

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