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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GOD Honors Faithfullness and Obedience

My Bible Devotions today remains in Genesis Chapters 21-24. These passages of scripture all points to a HOLY GOD, a Honorable Servant, a Faithful Believer, GOD'S Promises', and Faith in Action and Blessings from GOD. Abraham believed GOD and did just exactly what GOD told him to do (Faith). It is evident that Abraham had his struggles but his Faith in GOD overcame Everything he faced.

The latter part of Genesis ch 22 vs 18 gives evidence to that statement (behold thou hast obeyed my voice). GOD honors obedience. Abraham was willing to give All he had and Loved very much (Issac) (Ch 22 vs 1-14) as a Sacrifice unto GOD. But..GOD will provide himself a lamb (Ch 22 vs 8). In Chapter 24 vs 1 is again a testament to Abraham that the LORD blessed him in all things. May this be My testimony due to My Faithfulness and Obedience unto GOD!!
Until next time..Sarge

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