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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't give me a thing

My Genesis study continues in Chapter 30 and I want to use vs 27-31 and Genesis Chapter 28 vs 21. In Chapter 28 vs 22 we have Jacob in Bethel ( House of GOD ) where he vowed unto GOD that HE would be with him and take care of him and return him to his father's house (Issac) in peace the "shall the LORD be my GOD." As I have mentioned in prior devotions, concerning a statement a young preacher made in our church recently "Ask GOD specifically and HE will answer specifically", that is what Jacob was doing here I do believe. And we are reminded also of the first church mentioned in the Word of GOD in Bethel and the first mentioned of tithing as well in this verse.In the Old Testament, in the beginning, before GOD gave HIS Only SON JESUS CHRIST as payment for our sin..GOD was taken at HIS Word by Abraham and found Faithful in GOD'S sight and thus Jacob was sharing in the blessings of GOD, even though, he was not exactly where GOD wanted him at this point in his life as shown in Chapter 29. Chapter 30 vs 27-31, Jacob is yet reminded by the blessings of GOD to the people in which he was around, as he served Laban for his daughter Rachel for his wife, the blessings of GOD was present and Laban recognized that fact in vs 27-30. But as I said all that is above I bring your attention to a question presented to Jacob by Laban and the answer Jacob gave to Laban in vs 31. "What shall I give thee?" "Thou shalt not give me anything." As a Child of the KING, I must ask myself and must also examine my own heart and soul to make sure I am serving GOD and presenting my self to HIM for HIS use and not doing service in the name of myself for my own praise ( Now I'm telling it to myself..Big Time). Do all for the Glory and Honor of JESUS CHRIST the Only SON of my Living GOD!! Let's show CHRIST'S Love in us towards others for what will it profit a man to have everything that money can buy and loose his own soul?

Until next time..Sarge

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