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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Praise GOD for another day to share my study of Genesis with you all. I pray GOD will bless the study of HIS word that we all may grow in HIM and study to show ourself approved according to the Perfect Word of GOD. Genesis chapter 32, verses 1-23 Jacob is finally headed back toward the will of GOD. He is headed back to where GOD wanted him to be in the first place. Doesn't this sound all to familiar? It sure does to me. Through all the blessings of GOD when Jacob, in my opinion, was not living in the will of GOD, as he was living in a country where he was a stranger, and not where GOD had truly wanted him to be, (in the land of his kindrid), through it all Jacob was still waivering in what GOD had promised, that he and his seed would be great. As the dear song reads, "Little is much, when GOD is in it." Jacob still was afraid as he journeyed near where his brother Esau was at (in Esau's country). When Jacob heard the news that Esau and 400 men were coming to meet him. Christian, we act the exact same way as Jacob and we don't have 401 men coming after us either! We see GOD'S blessings poured out on us and our country and we still coward down to sin and the wares of this old sinful, corrupt, nasty world.(I am talking to me more than anyone here today). But after all the years that Jacob was living for himself and finally was getting close to where GOD wanted him to be so HE could give him the utmost in blessings that was in GOD'S store house. It shows in verses 24-32 that when Jacob was left alone (Praise HIS Holy Name!!), he wrestled a man with him until the breaking of day. As we continue on it shows that Jacob finally in my on words let loose and let GOD and never walked the same way again..Please read this passage and pray GOD will touch your heart as HE did mine.....Until next time....Sarge

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