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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Genesis Chapter 34 tells us that we reap what we sow. Jacob had came from the land in which he had no business going, and was returning to a people where he should have never left. I do believe I see a resemblance to jacob and the life he had led for self and dabbled in GOD'S business when he felt it convieneant. Don't we sometimes or should I say most times put GOD on a shelf and bring HIM down when we really get stuck in the mud. All through Chapter 34 it shows great reference as to the life we live for self results in being defiled and death. It doesn't matter if we live as to self, but only for a season, our sins will surely find us out and can result in physical harm, death, destruction and dessacration to everything we find (as to Self...Precious). And in verse 30 that we Stink among the inhabitants of the land!!!! I Pray to My GOD that we truly give it All to HIM today!!!! Tomorrow may be too late!!

Until next time, Sarge

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